Refrigerated Centrifuge Hire Means Saving You Money

Laboratories, clinics, and other medical facilities in need of high quality reliable centrifuges and other lab devices often choose to rent or lease this costly equipment rather than make an outright purchase. The technical capability of supplying proper maintenance and calibration is handled by the leasing company, removing that worry from the hands of the user.

Refrigerated centrifuges are necessary for a variety of applications and the brand names included are top quality and reliable. Whether the requirement for centrifugation are high speed, low speed, large capacity or smaller, they can all be found when leasing or renting as well as outright purchasing of refrigerated centrifuges refrigerator repair pasadena.

Typically a reliable high quality refrigerated centrifuge is bench top sized with a small footprint to save space while giving optimum performance in its capabilities. Brushless induction type drive and air cooled motors offer nearly whisper quiet performance at any speed. The capability of providing refrigeration means serums, vaccines, blood, or any medium being worked is maintained at proper temperature throughout the process. Heat can create severe problems for many materials so keeping them cool can be vital.

Programmable refrigerated centrifuges come with user friendly interfaces which provide all the vital information such as time, elapsed time, speed in RPM, temperature, and can be timed or set for automatic shut off after specific times. Additionally, the refrigerated version of centrifuge has its cooling unit on the back of the unit to save that valuable bench lab space in your facility. They will offer a selection of swing out or angled rotors covering a multitude of sizes of tubes for optimal flexibility all within one compact machine.

The option of rent, lease, or outright purchase of the best in clinical and laboratory equipment may be realized by all facilities who wish to make use of this type of practical machinery around the globe. This leaves the care and upkeep regarding maintenance and calibration up to the suppliers and relieves the users from the responsibility of keeping their products fine tuned for whatever application they perform.

A high quality refrigerated centrifuge hire allows the users to concentrate their efforts on the tasks at hand, such as separation of various solids or liquids into their components. Whether the user requires a swing out style separator that works well with angled rotors, ensuring efficiency and practicality in its operation, or if there is need for the confined space type which is secured with door locks and can accommodate a wide variety of tubes in regard to shape and size. Look for a pulse key, digital display, safety locks, variable speed timer, and induction drive motor for quiet reliable service in any clinical, laboratory, or other medical facility situation.

When bench space is at a premium and you may desire a smaller unit there is a wide variety from which to choose. These rugged centrifuges offer variable speed, adaptors to accommodate an assortment of tubes, all cast bodies for stability, timers for accuracy, and additionally lighter weight (some as light as seven kilograms) for convenience when moving the machinery around. Look for leasing or renting as an advantage when a quality refrigerated centrifuge product is needed.

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