Excursion 1 – Motor tour & visits 2017-07-24
Excursion 2 – Evening cruise with M/S Medvind 2017-07-24
Excursion 3 – Motor tour & visits 2017-07-25
Excursion 4 – Evening cruise with M/S Medvind 2017-07-25

Excursion 1 & 3 € 10 / person
A guided motor tour that starts at the welcome center in Sundsvall and will bring the participant to three different stops. No food or refreshments are included, but can be purchased at each stops.
The motor tour is approximately 111 km one way.
Stops will be at:
- Thai pavilion
- Döda Fallet nature reserve
- The homestead museum at Vättaberget

Thai pavilion
The magic begins far away in a place unknown, in another time – but it brings you to an amazingly beautiful Swedish village, like a wonderland of its own.
Located in the municipality of Ragunda in the North Sweden, 10 000 kilometers from its home country, the only Thai pavilion in the world outside Thailand rises to the sky. It is the most powerful sight in the valley, and it carries the royal spire!
It stands mighty, in the middle of the cold and silent Swedish winter, in the mysterious summer.....the pavilion stands tall telling us the story of a great king and of another world.
Welcome to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Building!

In connection with Thai hospitality and there are restaurants with food and refreshments.
In the Pavilion you will find a small selection of cakes and ice cream.
Guided tour in English or MP3 player with information in English is included.

Link to info regarding Thai Pavilion

Döda Fallet (the dead falls) Nature reserve
Döda Fallet nature reserve comprises 31 hectare of land and is situated in the valley of the river Indalsälven. The area lies 150-160 meters above sea level.
Döda Fallet became a Naturminne (natural heritage place) already in 1926 and since 1983 the area is a nature reserve.
During the night of 6 June year 1796 the landscape here was dramatically changed forever. In only 4 hours the entire lake Ragundasjön was drained and a disastrous tsunami tore down the valley!
The waterfall Storforsen was silenced and left in its wake a dry canyon, today called Döda fallet, the Dead Falls.

Link to information regarding Döda fallet (the dead falls)

The homestead museum in Liden is located on Vättaberget with beautiful views of Indaslälven.
Enjoy the beautiful nature in a quiet environment. Old houses, storehouses and smithy. Summertime is serving locally produced food, coffee and homemade bread.
The manor house was built in 1846 and is a two-room cottage from the ridge. There conduct association business cafe June- August. The area also includes a hexagonal top cottage, barn, bakery, farm smithy, ski slope and ski trails.

Link to info regarding Vättaberget

Excursion 2 & 4
€ 40 / person, drinks and/or beverages is not included.

Welcome on board the pleasure boat M/S Medvind with a total of 3 bars and certificates for 250 passengers / 190 seated guests.
M/S Medvind departs from Sundsvall's inner harbor. The boattrip will take about 3,5 hour through the inner archipelago of Sundsvall. Onboard there’s a delicious archipelago buffet to be served. Troubadour entertains on board.
Sit back and enjoy the beautiful environment. From a tableview, you get a first class view while the ship cruises through Sundsvall's inner archipelago.
On the upper deck you will find our beautiful salon with room for 50 seated guests.
Lovely panoramic window with Sundsvall's best ocean views and a cozy bar. On the sun deck you will find one of the ship's highlights. It sits about 60 guests at large, opening panoramic windows in summer.
On the lower deck, we have our large lounge with fully equipped bar, in the restaurant area there is space for about 80 guests.
This deck can also be used as a conference room for those who want an intimate meeting in a unique environment.

Link to info regarding M/S Medvind

Sundsvall Motorcycle Club has been on the road since 1967.
Our goal is to enjoy motorcycling all year round.
We are very proud and happy to be hosting the 72th FIM Rally 2017.

Very welcome!

    Henrik ÅhströmCecilia EnerudNiklas Mårdbrink
  • My hope is that coming to Sundsvall will be an adventure for all of the participants. The camp is located just by the water and it is a five minut walk to the center of Sundsvall. A magnificant city, dated from 1888, with a lot of impressive stonebuildings. All guests will be welcomed by the friendliest motorcycleclub i Sweden, SMCC.
    Henrik Åhström
    Sundsvall Motorcycle Club
  • The main reasons I go to the FIM-RALLY is because I get to meet new people from all over the world and I get to see places I'd probably never would been visited othervise. You are all very welcome to visit my hometown Sundsvall.
    Cecilia Enerud
    Visit Sundsvall
  • The FIM-Rally story began in -36. Now, it's time for the 72nd edition. Double the number - double the fun! The FIM Rally-party never ends, new places, new cultures and new friends every year. On top of all that, you still meet your old friends from previous rallies.
    Niklas Mårdbrink
    Swedish Motorcycle Association
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