FIM Rally 2017 in Sweden

The FIM-Rally is an international meeting of motorcyclists with 1000-1500 participants from 25-30 or so different countries.
The aim is to establish contacts between the bikers and spread the organizing country's culture and traditions through performances, guided tours, food and more.

But the FIM Rally is also a kind of world championship in touring being a fun enjoyable motorcycle-event with lots of nice people. The rally is arranged in different countrys every year, and in the summer of 2017 is the time for Sundsvall Motor Cycle Club, SMCC, and the city of Sundsvall to host the 72nd FIM Rally.
The rally takes place in Sundsvall, Sweden, 26 to 28 July 2017 and will be a memorable event.

This years organizers, Sundsvall Motor Cycle Club, is one of the oldest SMC (Swedish Motorcyclist Association) affiliated motorcycle clubs that is still active. The club was founded in 1967 by a group from Sundsvall who had already traveled far beyond Sweden's borders.
Travelling in Europe to meet other bikers and learn more about other countries were obviously already in the club's beginnings, just as it is today.
Since many years the clubmembers has visited a lot of FIM Rallies and has won the Inter-Club Challenge several times In 2014 when the rally was held in Tampere, Finland, the club won the prestigious Challenge for Austria, as the biggest club.

Sweden has been the organizer of the FIM-Rally twice before, in 1984 in Jönköping and 1998 in Falun, where Norway was the largest nation and thus won the coveted FIM Challange price for the largest nation. 

Information about this year's FIM Rally

Welcome Center and the meetingarea of ​​the FIM-Rally is located at the southern harbor area, which is more or less in the center of Sundsvall. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the target area to the main Square in Sundsvall where the finish ceremony will be held. 
In the southern port there is a large grassfield where in the summertime are used for playing soccer, but the area is also open for other events such as music- and foodfestivals.
In this area, which is adjacent to the meetingarea, a campsite is being built.
Up to 900 tents will fit in this area, which we hope will suffice. 

If you as a participant is unable or unwilling to bring your own tent, there will be the opportunity to rent a three-man tent with two sleeping mats.
In that case you only bring your own sleeping bag, pillow or similar.
Pricing for this will be on the registration form that will be found in the download-page. 

For those who choose to stay at a hotel we have reserved nearly 500 beds during the rally.
All hotels are located in the city of Sundsvall, within about 10 minutes walking distance from the rallyarea. 
Parking facilities will be available at the various hotels, parking fees may apply.
It will also be possible to park the bike free of charge in the meetingarea of the rally.
Information on hotelprices will be presented in the accomodationsform. 

Welcome Center and meeting area will be open Sunday, 23/07 at 12.00 and closed at 12.00 29/7.  

Additional excursions
In addition to everything included in the FIM Rally officially starting 26/7, you can order additional excursions. 

Monday, 24/07 & Tuesday, 07.25, guided tours by motorcycle.
The tours will start from the Welcome Center and follow Route 86 to Indal , via Vättaberget in Liden, to the Thai Pavilion in Ragunda and the Dead Fall in Bispgården. 

On Monday night, 24/7 & 25/7 Tuesday night, a boat trip to the archipelago incl. a buffet.
It has to be booked in advance. 

Information about the prizes will be presented at registration.  

We will also present other options to do your own tours in the area surronding the city of Sundsvall.  
More information will be found on the website or on our Facebook page

For those who come early to Sundsvall there are a lot of things to do and see. 
Stenstan (Stone City) is the heart of Sundsvall.
You can walk for hours and enjoy the spectacle of the grand and lavish stone buildings along the streets. Maybe stop for a short moment to have a cool refreshment and do some shopping.
After a devastating city fire in 1888, they soon built the town up again, this time with wide boulevards and less flammable, beautifully decorated stone house.

There is also sign of the dragon - the protector of Stenstan.
After the great fire in Sundsvall in 1888 the citizens of Sundsvall decided they needed something to protect and guard their newbuilt stonehouses from yet another devestating fire.Many of the housedevelopers chose to decorate their houses with a dragon.
Even at the churchdoor on the GA-church, you can find a dragon-sign to prevent the fire from getting inside the churchdoor and from reaching the sacred holy water.

Our dragon stands on the side of the good and give protection to those who need peace and quiet.

During the summer, the streets and squares of Sundsvall is full of colorful dragonsculptures, that are loved by children.
You can find a map of all the dragons in the tourist office, and make your own Drakvandring (dragon-hike).  

Shopping is always availible
Sundsvall has always been and remains an important trading center.
Sundsvall safest cards are shopping.
The range of shops is great and attracts visitors from all over the North. In Stenstan, the Stone Town, are over 200 shops, most of them are behind the main strip on Main Street and the downtown mall IN:.
At the crossroads in Sundsvall, however, you can find more local and unique shops such as craft shops, jewelry designers, furniture stores and local coffeehouses and chocolate retailers.

In Birsta, just north of Sundsvall is Norrland's largest external trade center, Birsta shopping center.
It has, among others, one of Sweden's most modern IKEA stores and the mall of Birsta City with has over 95 conceptstores. 

If you in for a cool swim there is the poolfacility, Himlabadet. which offers a waterpark, surfing streams, swimming-pool, relaxation area, etc. 

This is just a sample of what there is to do and see in Sundsvall. 
More information about attractions in the Sundsvallarea can easyly be found on
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