5 Things I Bet You Did Not Know About GE Appliances

GE Appliances is a world renowned brand for its innovative design and quality. When anyone mentions the name GE, there’s no need for any introduction. If you own a product from GE, you’re proud to show it off but how well do you know about these appliances that are sitting in your home? This article will tell you 5 things you need to know about GE appliances.

First off is the name behind this reputable brand Maytag Appliance Repair Los Angeles. Most of us do not know who the founder for GE is. Believe it or not, Thomas Edison is one of the co-founder for this brand. No wonder it’s among one of the longest and trusted company on the market. Furthermore in 2010, Forbes has named GE as the second largest company in the world and they have won several awards throughout the years. One of the award won will be ‘Global Most Admired Company’. GE Appliances is just among one of the many branches from this company.

The next 3 things which you might find interesting to know are inter-related. There are 3 different lines under GE Appliances. The first line is called the GE Café. This product line mainly produces professional kitchens appliances. They offer appliances incorporating advance technology and features such as convection cooking system. Therefore, you can only buy the kitchen appliances from this line in major or online retailers.

Another line in GE Appliances is known as the GE Monogram. Unlike GE Café, the kitchen appliances developed under this line is for home-based usage. However, you should know that the GE Monogram offers luxury appliances for those who don’t mind paying a little bit more to get a kitchen that looks like one of those in the magazine. The design under this line is sleek and sophisticated.

The most common line among home consumers is the GE Profile. This range offers kitchen appliances with contemporary design at an affordable price. You can find practically anything from this line and the most interesting part is the colors of the appliances available for you to choose. Since it is the line that consumers are looking for, you can buy one from most retail shops.

Finally, the fifth thing you should know about GE Appliances is that the company is an advocate for ‘green’ cooking. So, look out for their energy star sticker on their products. It’s a program supported by the government to protect the environment. With this acknowledgment, most of GE Appliances are energy efficient.

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